Wednesday, December 03, 2008

electrocute him then set him on fire.

Galactic Mail from Asterokid on Vimeo.

This was so nice. seeing 3d getting to a point where it actually FELT genuinely cartoony and not just pose to pose zippyness you'd find in even feature quality 3d animation.


Anyhow, I guess I should've said it sooner but I'm doing board revisions for a show that you'll hopefully see sometime next fall on Cartoon Network about a certain big cat of a lightish red persuasion. It's pretty cool, learning a lot and also having some of the negative aspects that we've all heard about on other blogs being brought to hilarious reality.

Biggest lesson learned since working there; tv animation is a collaborative process and no one sets out to make a bad cartoon on purpose. The general education (cinematic and storytelling-wise) of the crew combined with obstacles and obligations presented by the people actually paying for the show all effect how well a show works... or doesn't. No one's out to destroy cartoons, but it does feel like there's just a TON of overanalyzing and "fear of ____" on the part of the executive side that just forces the writing of shows into a corner.

So you get a lot of sighing and eye rolling and "well, what can ya do? We gotta work around it."