Friday, June 29, 2007

Dr. Sketchy's and others.

Drawings from Dr. Sketchy's Burlesque Anti-Art School Life Drawing "classes." Really it's just sexy girls in Burlesque outfits posing for artists at the M Bar in Hollywood and that's never a bad thing. These were done with a Fabercastel gray-tone brush pen, watercolor and a VERY noxious industrial marker. Seems the more toxic a marker is, the better they work. It's a shame a lot of them are no longer being made so artists have to make do with poor quality yet eco-friendly markers...

Yes, she really was making those weird faces.

More random marker spot exercises, this time NOT drawn on the bus, but actually sitting at a table concentrating. These came out pretty good so I guess it's really working!

This might be my last post for a while since I'm moving to Canada and won't have the internet until we find a good place to settle in.

Friday, June 22, 2007

sketchies revisited...

More bus practice. I've found that these come out a lot better when I'm riding on the bus as opposed to sitting at a table. I guess the increased concentration required to counter all the rocking and jerking movements of an MTA bus (that were all apparently built without shock absorbers) means every line I put down was thought out instead of just put down any old place. I have a nasty habit of rushing through drawings, so drawing on the bus, in ink, forces me to slow down...

It also gives me some awesome shapes I'd never have come up with on my own. Oddly enough they remind me of the Hubley/Schribner work that John K's been posting on his blog.

Also, I apologize for not updating the aristocrat piece, I've been too busy earning money. :P

Friday, June 15, 2007

The boy ain't right.

Here's some stuff from my sketchbook.

Colorful dragons...

And I've been watching too many rap videos in the morning....

...they make me wanna drank.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slow but steady....

Started laying in the flats and some gradients. Directing it so that the eye can move around the image and focus mainly on the Aristocrat himself.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Because I hadn't thumnailed any compositions for the characters to be within an environment, I spent some time doing some black and white compositional studies. I didn't post all the ones I did as I'd saved over them without realizing, but you can see where I was trying out vertical and horizontal positions and different ideas for background elements. Because I did them in gray tones it should help me out when I get to the colors. Now I need to decide if I want to paint them in photoshop or going into flash and use a flat colored style...

Here's an early comp. Pretty plain, pretty boring. I hadn't yet warmed up.

Here's what I have now. I like it a lot, although now it's more about the Background than the characters. At this point I can live with that.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

sweet, sweet music.

Sorry for the lack of updates. For about a month now my iTunes hasn't been working properly, crashing as soon as I open it up. And well... it's pretty dang hard for me to just sit down without my music going so I just haven't been as motivated to draw as usual. Well that and I've been buying a bunch of used xbox games which I guess didn't exactly help either, haha.

Anyway, Robert Iza and I have been trying to do some exercises where one guy gives a random adjective and the other person gives a noun and we end up drawing whatever the pair makes. We ended up with Fanciful Knight for our first bit. Well, to me, fanciful translate to "foppish" and by Knight, I think nobleman *snicker*. Otherwise I would've just drawn some gay looking knight and that's kinda not original or fun so I took some liberties. The exercise is really just about coming up with something interesting to draw so cheating is allowed I think.

Since this drawing is actually turning out to be better and more fun that I thought, and because I won't be finished with it tonight, I decided to post some WIP images to show the steps in my process. After going through a few thumbnails in my sketchbook, I hit something I liked, then I roughed it a bit more and scanned it into photoshop where I then started using my wacom and layers to solidify the figure and tighten it up a bit.

You can see that I'm making corrections and changes as I go along, being mindful of composition, character, shape and size relations, etc. I also went back and redrew the faces, giving them more personality and trying hard not to make them look generic. Of course, this is NOT a tutorial. I may not know what the hell I'm doing, I'm just using educated guesses and trying to methodical about my work. It helps myself more than anything to write the process down so that it sticks in my head and ultimately allows me to get to where I want to go faster in my drawing rather than drawing and redrawing over and over again going nowhere.

Tomorrow... colors! Err, if I get around to it. I might wake up and suddenly decide that I don't care anymore. hahaha! J/k. I'll finish this, I promise.