Friday, October 19, 2007

Shaddup you two!

More Boards we won't use. Conflicts with some story stuff.

I'm really enjoying doing these. Me and my friends are quite literally teaching ourselves the process of putting stuff together. We have an outline and beats we want to hit but no formal scripts since we would rather board stuff out, see if it works, what's funny and what's not and let it come together naturally. It's way more fun this way.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Here's a sequence I decided not to use because I thought of something better.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Opening sequence to our Press Start short. Don't mistake our harsh criticism of today's TV as a lack of love for cartoons. We LOVE cartoons... but sometimes you hurt the ones you love. It's for their own good :P

Anyway this is the only thing I want to even work on nowadays. Been getting a bit impatient waiting on the situation to present itself to pitch or get other people to back us on this project. We're just gonna make it and put it out there.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoot me in the head already.

So for an art battle over at we had to create a spagetti western style gunfighter. I was pretty excited at the beginning but some life situations and moving back to Hollywood didn't really allow me the stability to get into the right mindset to really go all out for this one. Also problems with the deadline changing and the other contestants not even realizing they were in the battle kinda made the whole contest a complete mess. In the end we all thought we would be "clever" and "original" by creating female gunfighters... I only now realize how f-ing retarded and typical that choice was as we ALL made our characters female. Genius.

Anywho the reference I used for my character, who I call "Widowmaker," was this Lady from the movie El Topo.

And my newfound actress crush, Anita Pallenberg. A Beautiful lady with a very distinct voice to match. I wish I had an audio clip to share with you guys because her voice was MADE for voice acting. Go watch Barbarella instead if you wanna hear her.

The original pencils. I like the character but ultimately I didn't think the pose was action oriented enough.
With time running short (or so I thought) I rushed through this and hated it even more than the first.

Well, contest is over and we all pretty much turned in equally slap-dash pieces. Oh well, just showing up is half the battle.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Steady as she goes...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but right now my life is once again in a state of flux. For the last few days I've been staying in Valencia with a friend and have been auditing classes as Cal Arts, preparing my portfolio for submission. It's been a crazy couple of days, life drawing 8-10 hours a day everyday and not really having any time for much else. Unfortunately I don't have access to a scanner at the moment so I haven't really been able to post anything.

Being here is really wierd. Me and Rob planned this out about a year ago and here we are... almost there. And if we DO manage to get accepted, it would only be the beginning. I'm exhausted just thinking about it... and how easy it would be for me to just say, "F-it" and work a regular studio job. But I feel compelled to go the distance. I'm 25 and feel like an old man compared to some of these kids, regular power-houses these guys are! I feel energized just being in their vicinity. It feels right.