Friday, October 02, 2009

Strip it Down

tore the clunker down and built it anew... Trying to put the story first and make the concepts for for that, instead of the other way around where I found myself constantly painting myself into a corner.

The Synopsis: Survivors in a post-zombie world encounter a strange and possibly psychotic kid claiming to be the human incarnation of the grimm reaper.

Here are some intial designs from previous versions of the story...

Grimm (Old concepts): After thinking about his origins and shaping his personality based on the history I gave him, he turned out to be far different than my first designs where I focused purely on making hims superficially "interesting" looking. Now I've incorporated more of the fact that he's more than a little "off" and has basically been surviving on his own in the midst of a zombie infested city.

Female Protagonist (Jessica, for now): After being just a generic female counterpart to Grimm who's sole purpose was to give Grimm a reason to fight zombies, I also started to develop her a bit more. Making her more pragmatic, disciplined and part of a group that work together, not to kill zombies, but to simply coexist and evade them. Took a cue from the fact that I see people riding 'fixies' all the time out here and tried to work in a system where they use bicycles to covertly travel about the city quickly to forage for necessary goods. Liberties are taken, of course.

Here are some sketches of what I'm leaning toward now.

uh yeah, work in progress.