Sunday, March 14, 2010

proof of life.

script. tools. inspiration.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pink Panther and Pals

I worked on this! Sunday, March 7th at 7am (way too early) will be the premiere of this thing that I worked on with a lot of cool friends.

show secrets: the board artists wrote almost everything. we saw the scripts, turned our noses up at em and chucked em out onto Ventura boulevard where their wretched poisonous pap couldn't hurt innocent children. Then we inserted slapstick, action and acting where there would otherwise be talking heads. We did a lot of work. a LOT of work. Perhaps more so than would've gone into, say, family guy and got paid beans. But I have faith that this show will kick some ass.

not bad for a ragtag bunch of loopy college kids and old crusty veterans.

There are definitely worse shows you could watch, right?

TiVo it if you can't wake up early enough.

I still draw

all the time actually. getting more and more into 40's style construction. Even messing with rubberhose stuff.