Friday, January 04, 2008

No love for dem alien bastards.

a drawing I lost interest in...

Initially done to mess with CS3's nifty tools. Stylistically this is what I get when putting together all the "rules" and whatever I've learned throughout my experiences, but this kind of stuff doesn't really hold my interest. I probably could go the whole "concept art" route or whatever but I like messing with styles and trying to push the personality of drawings. More than anything I'd really like to go the route of Ronald Searle or Eric Sokol.

I love that loose, shapely quality that goes right to the heart of the character's personality. It's simple and to the point. Doesn't get caught up in strict anatomy, perspective or realism. Even though it does excel in those qualities, they take a backseat to the point of the picture... the CHARACTER. maybe this is why I spend a lot of time drawing people, faces, body language... I don't do fan art or even post a lot of what I draw.. they're not for show or to get props from my peers. I just like capturing people and their attitudes and moments of humanity.

Meh... I'm easy. I would be a lot more successful if I finished more pieces or did shit that appealed to a wider audience and became a total art attention whore, but I just don't. Or maybe I'm lazy, who knows?

I prefer storyboarding. I'm weird.

currently in progress... It's a lot more fun and intuitive. Unfortunately I have to go to work in the morning and finalize my portfolio so I might not touch this until the weekend.

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Lords of the Harvest said...

yeah i believe you could go the concept route, but you choose not to. to each his own. i wish you could make that drawing bigger though so i could enlarge it, cuz the little aspect ain't cutting it. regardless i dig your "looser" drawings too.