Friday, April 18, 2008


A newer version of the Baron. BTW he's makes Halloween candy in his secret candy factory.

The clean lines of the Vamps in their Hot Rod. This one burnt me out due my not being able to settle on any design for the hot rod that i was truly happy with. Poor planning (as far as the car was concerned, the characters were the easiest part) and just generally trying out everything to the point where I got seriously off track. Days of post-its and light boxing and redrawing and erasing and fuggedaboutit.

Here's the rough of what I eventually used for the complete version above. You can see the post-its where I basically drew and redrew parts over and over. This isn't counting the post its I threw out.

Going off on a tangent. The original intent was a "wacky racers" feel and this is like some gothic skeleton space ship... thing. More layers of post-its. This is maybe version 3 out of 5 versions I did. All of them with their layers and layers of post its.

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