Monday, May 05, 2008

Been Lazy.

So I took quite a while off just generally slumming and slacking and sliding all over the place in a funk but I'm back and getting somewhat back into the groove. The most important thing I need to work at is my "sticktoitiveness." As my old teacher Nathan Ota told me, "You're probably the best student I've had in 3 years, but you lack discipline" and then he gave me a "D." Yeah, that's me, but it's something I try to stay aware of and try to overcome. But man is it tough! However, being out of a job and hungry definitely motivates one to stop being a bum.

Anyway, been picking at this piece like it was steamed mixed vegetables and the only way I'll get that ice cream dessert is if I clean off the entire plate.

I like it so far, but I've run into a funny thing, the more I like a piece I'm working on, the more nervous I get about messing up and ruining it. It's discouraging and tedious to take babysteps, but it's something every artist needs to overcome. While it may be your baby, you gotta let it grow naturally and allow it to have it's flaws and quirks. Just do it and finish it and next time you'll probably do it better. But I guess even the best artists are never satisfied. I think that's a good thing.

Here are some close ups of the characters.

Man, some guys can just pump this stuff out... I wish to have that stamina someday.


IZA said...

Man, for as picky as you are about stuff (which isn't a bad thing) You sure are one of the BEST artists I know. And I'll always want to work with you on things, cause you're great at just about everything, but Especially Drawing and Story!!! (My Faves, aside from color)

tiny dean said...

Based on how frequently you post stuff and past experience, I would say you seem fairly productive. You might be being a tad hard on yourself.

In any event, I can totally relate to your struggle. While I definitely can't say I'm as good as you, I, too, have trouble with discipline. If it's any consolation, it's very likely your a more diligent worker than I am and many others.

I'm not trying to turn this into a pity party for me. Rather, I'm just trying help put your situation in a different perspective.

I won't give you the obvious advice, but I will say I like designs the guy and woman.

Keep on developing!

JohnK said...

you're definitely talented

do you have more functional stuff?



think you could draw my characters?

your pal,


JohnK said...

you're definitely talented

think you could draw my characters within scenes with backgrounds?

your pal,