Friday, August 01, 2008

The Rebel Speaks.

Just felt that this needed a post, if not for anyone elses interest but my own . Say what you want, but he makes a point about just going out and doing it. The are people making shorts all the time on newgrounds or on other flash sites that are all fairly low quality (there are a few exceptions). But I know a ton of talented artists (especially myself) that just sit around waiting on things to happen for them. I worked with two other guys (Joel and Iza) and did a short in 2 weeks. I admit that it sucked hard, but it proved that it could be done. Maybe the focus should not just be on making a short for the purpose of submitting to studios or whatever in the hopes that someone may hire you for it, but to just do it for the sake of telling YOUR stories.

Chew on that, I guess.

I could kick myself for missing that panel. Video credit to ASIFA Hollywood.

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