Sunday, January 20, 2008


What've I been up too? Helping my good friend Breehn Burns on one of his new Dr. Tran shorts! Seriously the best job I've had in animation so far, and I get paid in free food. Typical. Hahaha.

It's been a really interesting experience trying to step away from the super limited, pose to pose puppetry style of animation the Dr. Tran shorts usually have and getting into more complex, traditional style animation using Photoshop and After Effects. Being able to set up a scene, animate frames onto separate layers and composing them in after effects and being able to seamlessly go back and forth between the programs allowing me to instantly test the animation and edit frames. Still not quite as easy as flash but it's getting there. My hope is to be able to set up a workflow that can achieve traditional style animation without paper and expensive camera set ups and without the "Flash-ness" of using Flash. It's giving me quite a few ideas for executing my own personal project.

Also having a good time just hanging with Breehn and his roommate Pendelton Ward who's known for his awesomely charming Adventure Time short.

Check out Breehn's production blog.


Lords of the Harvest said...

yo man! good to see your getting yourself busy. at least your getting fed right? and from your comments, you are taking something from this experience. so right on, how are things otherwise?

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

What up nephew?! Saw your mug on Cartoon Modern, and it led me here. Hope all is well!

Wynne Chen said...

Sounds like fun project:)
Love the new toy on ur desk:P