Sunday, June 10, 2007


Because I hadn't thumnailed any compositions for the characters to be within an environment, I spent some time doing some black and white compositional studies. I didn't post all the ones I did as I'd saved over them without realizing, but you can see where I was trying out vertical and horizontal positions and different ideas for background elements. Because I did them in gray tones it should help me out when I get to the colors. Now I need to decide if I want to paint them in photoshop or going into flash and use a flat colored style...

Here's an early comp. Pretty plain, pretty boring. I hadn't yet warmed up.

Here's what I have now. I like it a lot, although now it's more about the Background than the characters. At this point I can live with that.

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IZA said...

Awesome. Although you say that with this most recent composition that it's more about the BG now, once you get into color, if you work it right, along with lighting, you can definitely shift the focus back on the characters!