Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoot me in the head already.

So for an art battle over at we had to create a spagetti western style gunfighter. I was pretty excited at the beginning but some life situations and moving back to Hollywood didn't really allow me the stability to get into the right mindset to really go all out for this one. Also problems with the deadline changing and the other contestants not even realizing they were in the battle kinda made the whole contest a complete mess. In the end we all thought we would be "clever" and "original" by creating female gunfighters... I only now realize how f-ing retarded and typical that choice was as we ALL made our characters female. Genius.

Anywho the reference I used for my character, who I call "Widowmaker," was this Lady from the movie El Topo.

And my newfound actress crush, Anita Pallenberg. A Beautiful lady with a very distinct voice to match. I wish I had an audio clip to share with you guys because her voice was MADE for voice acting. Go watch Barbarella instead if you wanna hear her.

The original pencils. I like the character but ultimately I didn't think the pose was action oriented enough.
With time running short (or so I thought) I rushed through this and hated it even more than the first.

Well, contest is over and we all pretty much turned in equally slap-dash pieces. Oh well, just showing up is half the battle.

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nem0 said...

Anything based of El Topo characters is an instant win.