Friday, October 19, 2007

Shaddup you two!

More Boards we won't use. Conflicts with some story stuff.

I'm really enjoying doing these. Me and my friends are quite literally teaching ourselves the process of putting stuff together. We have an outline and beats we want to hit but no formal scripts since we would rather board stuff out, see if it works, what's funny and what's not and let it come together naturally. It's way more fun this way.


Nina Crayton said...

i love em i think it's mostly because their faces kinda look like they're constipated and everyone knows constipation is funny.

Mick said...

Go go go man. just make this stuff. Work at it, you will score goals with both feet no doubt about it

Shaun D. McMillan said...

Hey Bud, I saw your face on Cartoon Brew. Not too shabby I must say. I created a new website recently, check it out sometime,